Best Spray Deodorants in 2019 – Reviews

Deodorants that you spray on are miracles of the modern age. Even though the first modern deodorant, a brand called Mum, was invented in 1888, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the first aerosol deodorant was developed by Gillette’s Right Guard deodorant. Nowadays, these sprays are so pervasive, that you’d be hard pressed not to find a particular brand of deodorant in spray form.

Of course, just because you can find a ton of different deodorants in spray form doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find the best one. When considering the best spray deodorants, there are a number of different factors that the consumer should take into account. To make their job easier, we’ve decided to go ahead and list the ten brands of deodorants that we think are the best.

Best Spray Deodorants – Reviews

10Ebanel Sweat Master Antiperspirant Deodorant


Although this spray deodorant isn’t an aerosol, it still spritzes on quite well and does an effective job of dealing with underarm odor and wetness. It’s made with a solution of 15% aluminum chloride, that’s blocks the sweat pores and can prevent the wearer for sweating for up to a week at a time. It’s designed to be applied right before the wearer goes to bed, so it has time to work its magic. It’s a dermatologist tested formula for dealing with Hyperhidrosis and is both effective and safe to use. This spray is also manufactured in the U.S in an FDA licensed facility.

9Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort


Even though an ever-increasing number of men are now realizing that Dove is not only a deodorant brand that makes great women’s deodorant but that it’s also a brand that makes great deodorant for men. This formula sprays on smoothly, never stains clothing or the wearer’s skin and has a nice pleasant scent that many people are simply going to love. And while all of those things may be positive developments, what really makes this deodorant something special is that it provides up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection that allows any man to proceed through their day without having to worry about their armpits.

8Suave 24-Hour Aerosol Antiperspirant


With a fresh powder scent that can easily be worn by both men and women, this antiperspirant spray is ready to get just about any working person through their day. This deodorant is easy to spray one and once applied, it provides the wearer with up to 24-hours of odor and wetness protection. It’s also an easy-to-use spray that doesn’t contain any CFCs, so the user can rest assured that their use of it is not harming the environment. And this spray isn’t just good for stopping underarm perspiration, but it can also be used on the feet as well to stop foot odor and perspiration.

7Sure Regular Antiperspirant Deodorant


Sure is an antiperspirant deodorant that doesn’t get the praise that it deserves, at least in our estimation. This spray goes on smoothly, never stains a person’s clothes and provides a nice brisk scent that anyone can enjoy. More than that, however, it’s also a deodorant that provides up to 24-hours of odor and wetness protection. When the wearer applies this in the morning, they don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. They only have to worry about reapplying the next day when they start their whole routine over again. And for that, this deodorant deserves a spot on our list.

6Old Spice Pure Sport For Men


Even though Old Spice has currently become known as the deodorant spray that produces all of those funny commercials, this brand offers more than just comedic advertising relief. This deodorant is also capable of keeping the wearer’s body odor and perspiration at bay all day long. Once applied, this deodorant goes right to work with microscopic beads of deodorants and antiperspirants that improve the wearer’s body odor and helps them remain dry all day long. And it has a refreshing lemon-lime scent that just about any man will enjoy spraying on their armpits. All good reasons for picking up a bottle or two of this spray.

5Dove Dry Spray Cool Essentials Antiperspirant


As this spray’s name implies, this deodorant goes on dry and has a cooling effect on the wearer’s underarm areas. That’s because it’s made with 1/4 moisturizers that not only go on dry but also leave the skin feel cool and refreshed. And it works to limit the skin irritation that’s often caused by applying deodorants to freshly shaven underarm areas. It also helps that this product is made with no alcohol, so it won’t dry out the skin, even as it protects. Since this product has a cool scent, which is a blend of green tea and cucumber, the wearer will smell as fresh as they feel.

4Dove Cotton Soft Antiperspirant Spray


It’s hard to describe the scent of this spray deodorant using stereotypical deodorant terms because it’s unlike any other deodorant we’ve ever tried. Its soft cotton spray is light and airy, yet does a great job of masking underarm odor. And although this product is specifically designed for a woman, we feel that it’s a scent that has a unisex appeal to it. It being gender neutral isn’t the only reason to like this spray, however. It also contains a blend of moisturizers and a lack of alcohol in its formulation that allows it to be easy on sensitive skin. And it’s also capable of providing up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection, too,

3AXE Body Deodorant Spray Apollo Scent


Although AXE body sprays have often been written off as deodorant sprays that are only good for young men, this one is bound to change more than a few people’s minds. That because it has a masculine scent that can easily be worn by men of all ages and has a sophistication level that’s unmatched by any of their other body sprays. This scent smells like fresh sage and sandalwood, that’s been mixed with nice, fresh green scents. The best thing about this body deodorant, however, isn’t its scent, it’s its ability to cover up body odor and give men the confidence they need to get through their day.

2Arrid Extra Dry Aerosol Regular Deodorant


Arrid Extra Dry is an aerosol deodorant that’s been around for quite some time now, and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. That’s because this deodorant not only goes on dry and has a pleasant scent, but also because it works. It’s capable of fighting off body odor and perspiration for up to 24-hours, leaving the wearer with the confidence they need to make it through their day. It has a fresh scent of light citrus and is formulated for people who live very active lifestyles. And since it’s easy on the wearer’s skin, it will never leave irritate the wearer’s skin.

1Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Mist Spray


Many people are getting used to the deodorant crystals that are commonly used nowadays, but not a whole lot of people know that there’s also a crystal solution that works just as well. Using the same mineral that the deodorant stones use, this solution is easy to spray onto the armpits and provides all-day odor protection. That’s because it just doesn’t cover up bad odors but actually makes it difficult for the bacteria that creates the bad odor to thrive. Although it won’t last as long as a deodorant crystal, it will provide lasting results and is extremely easy to use.

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