Best Deodorants For Boys in 2020 – Reviews

Parents who need to buy their boys deodorant are often faced with a big dilemma. They need a powerful product that not only wipes out underarm odor but one that also doesn’t contain a ton of chemical agents. And that can be a really hard balance to strike with some of the deodorant products currently available nowadays. Fortunately, it is possible to do both quite well and buy a product that naturally fights body odor.

We’ve found ten of the best deodorants for boys that are not only free of many of the harmful ingredients that can be found in some deodorants and antiperspirants but ones that will also get rid of that strong onion smell that adolescent boys sometimes develop. Most of the following products are specifically designed for boys and young teens or are adult products that are also suitable for children.

Best Deodorants For Boys – Reviews

10Prep U For Teen Boys Citrus Mint


Designed specifically to combat young men’s underarm odor, this deodorant for teen boys is not only powerful but also safe to use. It uses natural ingredients that not only make the underarm area inhospitable to odor-causing bacteria but is also gentle on sensitive skin. It’s a dermatologist-tested formula that’s made without GMOs, parabens, or aluminum. The ingredients that can be found in it include arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, and neet tree oil. It’s also a product that formulated in Austin, Texas, and has been certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free. All of which makes it a high-quality product parents can proudly have their children use.

9Growing Basics Hero Tween Deodorant


This tween deodorant is formulated to meet the needs of adolescent children. It’s quite an effective deodorant for boys aged 6 to 13-years of age and is designed to glide on smoothly without leaving a white residue or a sticky mess in the armpit region. This product is also formulated without many of the toxic chemicals found in adult antiperspirants and deodorants. For example, it’s free of parabens, aluminum, and triclosan. All of its ingredients in this product are safe on the skin and are designed to be completely biodegradable. Overall, it’s a deodorant that’s effective and is safe to use by children.

8Growing Basics Sport A Boy’s Deodorant


This biodegradable and all-natural deodorant not only has a very pleasant Ocean Spring scent but can virtually eliminate underarm odor in boys age 6-years and older. This product is made without aluminum or triclosan and is also free of parabens. It’s designed to glide on smoothly, provide up to 24-hours of odor protect and to never leave the wearer’s armpits with a sticky residue on it. This invisible solid also doesn’t stain clothing. It’s a fun and effective product for school-age boys who need that extra bit of odor protection but still need to protect their sensitive skin.

7Junior Varsity Naturals Kid’s Citrus Sport


Ingredients such as aluminum, paraben and propylene glycol that is normally found in deodorants can cause skin issues for adults with sensitivity issues, not to mention what it can do to kid’s sensitive skin. Fortunately, those ingredients won’t be found in this kid’s deodorant, so parents can arrest their young boy’s armpit odor, and do it without worrying about it irritating their skin. This product can be used by boys of all ages and has a pleasant citrus scent that isn’t too strong but does an amazing job of covering up that onion smell us parents are all too familiar.

6Soap Me With Nature Natural Lavender Deodorant


Even though this product isn’t specifically designed for boys, it’s still a good choice because of how it’s made. This product uses natural antibacterial agents that help to neutralize armpit odor and leave the person wearing it smelling clean and fresh. It’s a product that doesn’t contain corn, soy or gluten, and is also free of propylene glycol, phthalates, and parabens. It’s packed in a BPA-free tube and is free of mineral oils or salicylic acids. That makes it a product suitable for men, women and children, and one that won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause red bumps.

5Botanik Natural Deodorant Fresh Evergreen


This is another natural deodorant that’s not specifically designed for children but is still a product that’s safe enough for parents to give to their young boys. It’s a deodorant that’s made without using propylene glycol, parabens, aluminum or synthetic ingredients. It’s also packaged in BPA-free packages, is certified vegan and is proudly made in the U.S. It also has a pleasant evergreen scent that isn’t too strong but still covers up a strong underarm odor. This deodorant is only made with five quality ingredients and those ingredients are carnauba wax, coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, and baking soda.

4Tom’s Of Maine Wicked Cool


Tom’s Of Maine Wicked Cool is a deodorant specifically formulated and designed to be used by teen boys. It made using only natural fragrances and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, parabens or aluminum. It’s also free of phthalates and never uses any animal products or is ever tested on animals. And even though this product contains a natural formulation, it is still capable of delivering up to 24-hours of odor protection. Odor protection that’s been clinically proven to work for children age 6-years and older. That makes it a teen deodorant that any parent can fall in love with.

3Arm & Hammer Essentials Unscented Deodorant


Even though this isn’t a child’s deodorant, it still has many features that parents can appreciate. One of the first things worth mentioning about this product is that it doesn’t contain a bunch of artificial ingredients. It doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens or even fragrances or colorants in its formulation. It’s also free of animal-derived products and only uses baking soda and plant extracts to fight armpit odor. And because it has built-in stain shield technology, it won’t leave yellow stains on white shirts or white flecks on black shirts. That allows young men to head to school with a lot of confidence.

2Fresh Kidz Natural Roll-On


This trendy deodorant comes in a blue labeled container that clearly states that it’s a deodorant for boys. That means that it’s a deodorant suitable for young men age 6 to 13-years of age and is designed to provide up to 24-hours of odor protection. This product goes on smoothly, will never stain clothing, and has a nice fresh scent to it. It’s also a deodorant that’s made with more natural ingredients than many commercial antiperspirants and deodorants. This product is free of aluminum, alcohol, and even parabens. That allows parents to remain confident that they’re giving their child a deodorant that won’t harm or irritate their sensitive skin.

1Truly’s All-Natural Organic Kid’s Deodorant


Most of the commercial deodorants sold today are a cacophony of different fragrances, colorants, and chemical agents, but this one is a bit different. It’s an organic cream deodorant that only contains a handful of natural ingredients. The ingredients that a user will find in this formula include beeswax, coconut oil, organic powdered sugar, and baking soda. It’s a product that won’t irritate the skin, won’t stain clothing and helps to fight underarm odor by making the environment inhospitable to odor-causing bacteria. That makes this fragrance-free, chemical-free and aluminum-free product a deodorant that any parent can put their trust into.

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