Best Deodorant Soaps in 2019 – Reviews

Every year, billions of dollars of deodorant soap are sold every year, and there’s a good reason why this type of soap is so popular. It’s because nothing does a better job at cleaning a dirty body and restoring a person’s confidence more than a good bar of deodorant soap. Using one of these bars of soap is a great way of staring the day or cleaning up at the end of a hard day of work.

Sorting the bars of soap that are truly effective and the ones that may not be as effective is kind of a tough chore. And this is especially true for consumers who may not have the time nor the inclination to do the research for the major bars of soap. Fortunately, our readers don’t have to because we’ve found the best deodorant soap brands and have listed them below for your convenience.

Best Deodorant Soaps – Reviews

10Safeguard White Soap


Safeguard is a deodorant soap that’s gentle enough to be used every day and does a great job at washing away bacteria from both a person’s hands and body. It has a pleasant scent that anyone will appreciate and it’s made with just a touch of aloe vera, so it gently moisturizes the skin even as it cleans it. This soap is suitable for use by men, women, and children, and is one that people are going to want to keep stocked in their pantry. The best thing about this product, however, has to be that it rinses away cleanly, so it won’t leave a soapy film on the bather’s skin.

9Dial Lavender & Twilight Jasmine


A lot of different types of soap have crossed our path, but this one has to have the most unique scent of them all. It mixes jasmine and lavender together to create a scent that’s at once exotic but is also innocent as well. And although this is definitely a floral scent, it’s not as feminine as many people would think it would be. This soap cleans bacteria and odors from the bather’s body, and it rinses completely so it never leaves a film. It also doesn’t dry out the skin like other deodorant soaps have a tendency of doing. It just provides all-day odor protection and freshness that everyone should love.

8Mrs. Meyer’s Honeysuckle Soap


Some of the people reading the description to this product may not have even heard of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soap, and that’s okay because it doesn’t take anything away from it. It’s still a high-quality soap that made using plant-based ingredients, and it has a beautifully smelling honeysuckle scent. This product is made without using any artificial colors, formaldehyde, or even phthalates. When used in a bath or shower, it creates a lovely foam that washes away the dirt and odor of the day, leaving the bather smelling as fresh as honeysuckle. Taking all of that into consideration, it might be time for some people to familiarize themselves with this quality soap.

7Dial White Antibacterial Soap


Even though some deodorant soaps may cover up body odor with an assortment of fragrances, Dial White Antibacterial actually kills the bacteria that causes body odors in the first place. That’s because it has a powerful antibacterial agent in it that kills bacteria on contact. However, don’t think that just because it kills bacteria that it doesn’t have a nice smelling fragrance, because it truly does. This combination of a powerful antibacterial agent and a fresh smelling fragrance allow this soap to keep the bather smelling as fresh as a daisy all day long. And because it’s a Dial soap, it rinses cleanly every single time it’s used.

6Yardley London Bath Soaps


Yardley London Soap Bath Bundle puts some of the best smelling deodorant soaps in the hands of bathers all over the world. In this bundle, are ten bars of soap that are sure to make an impact on a person’s life. The soaps that can be found in this include English Lavender, Oatmeal and Almond, Cocoa Butter, and Lemon Verbena. This bundle contains two bars of each of these soaps, and each bar is approximately 4.25-ounces. That’s more than enough soap to keep a person fresh and clean for a long time, and since these soaps have unique scents, people are sure to take notice.

5Dove Men +Care Deep Clean


Dove Men +Care Deep Clean is a soap that’s unlike some of the other deodorizing soaps currently being sold. That’s because it’s designed from the ground up to be lighter and not so fragrance heavy. It’s made with a formula that’s recommended by dermatologists and leaves the bather’s skin clean without drying it out. This soap is made with 1/4 moisturizing cream, like many other Dove Soaps, and these moisturizers prevent the user’s skin from drying out. And because it is a soap with a deodorant ingredient in it, it also leaves the user with a gentle fragrant smell that holds off body odor.

4Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh


Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh is a soap that not only deodorizes the user’s body but also helps to moisturize the user’s skin as well. Although not many men’s soaps contain moisturizers in them, Dove knows that men have to deal with dry and tight skin just as much as women do, so they created a soap that addresses the problem. This product is recommended by dermatologists and is made with 1/4 moisturizing cream that’s specially developed to address the needs of men’s skin. And because it has a Fresh Scent fragrance, it will stave off even tough body odors all day long.

3Art Of Sport Activated Charcoal Soap


This soap may seem intimidating with the inclusion of charcoal in its formula, and its non-conventional color, but it’s actually one of the best deodorant soaps available. That’s because it has a manly Rise Scent that’s a combination of vanilla mixed with cedar. It’s a scent that will keep the man who used it odor free and fresh-smelling all day long. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting beyond a desk all day or are out during heavy manual labor, this soap is ready to keep them smelling their best. And since it’s made without alcohol, PEG, or Petrolatum, this soap is also gentle on the skin as well.

2Irish Spring Original Scent


Irish Spring Original Scent Soap provides a fresh smelling scent that many people are already familiar with. This soap smells like Spring smells if you were capable of capturing that scent and placing it into a bar of soap. This product comes in 20-count packs, that gives most households all the soap they need for quite some time. Another thing to like about this soap is that it creates a great lather and it also rinses clean. And unlike some other types of soap, it doesn’t make skin tight or dry. It’s no wonder this soap has been around for quite some time and will probably be around for a lot longer.

1Dial Antibacterial Spring Water Soap


After using this deodorant soap, we’re not really sure if it captures the essence of spring water or not, but we do know that it has a cool fragrance that provides all-day protection. This soap is extremely crisp, creates a great lather, and always rinses clean, so the user never has to worry about a soap film on their skin. And because it contains special moisturizers, bathers also don’t have to worry about this soap drying out or tightening skin either. It’s a product that contains an antibacterial agent that kills odor-causing bacteria, has a crisp scent and best of all, keeps a person clean.

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