10 Best Deodorants For Bad Smell in 2018 – (Men & Women)

It is natural and healthy to sweat. However, things can be uncomfortable when the sweat gives you a bad odor. Usually, the bacteria on the skin are the primary cause of body odor. Many people wear deodorants to fight the bad smell.

Nonetheless, not all deodorants will fight the body odor efficiently. For that, here’s a list of the best deodorants for bad smell for men and women.

Best Deodorants For Bad Smell (Men & Women)

1Ocean Surf Deodorant for Men by Speed Stick


This is one of the best odor-fighting deodorants for men. It comes with a rich formula that eliminates the body odor. Another thing about this deodorant is that it will not leave any chalky white residue on your skin or clothes. Its fresh scent has a strong and appealing masculine fragrance as well.

The comfort-guard applicator allows you to apply the deodorant under your armpits without scratching your skin. The deodorant is aluminum free, so it will not cause any negative reaction to your skin. This deodorant contains a refreshing ocean surf scent that works perfectly at eliminating the bad smell. It comes at a low price, and it is easy to carry around in your backpack or gym bag.

2Cedarwood Deodorant for Men By Every Man Jack


This is another great deodorant that works amazingly at giving you an appealing scent. It has a subtle scent, which is balanced with woodsy and musky scents. These two fragrances help to give you a manly smell that is appealing to the ladies. Also, it will eliminate the unpleasant body smell, thanks to the rosemary and lichen extracts. These two extracts are antibacterial agents that get rid of the odor-causing bacteria.

If you want an appealing manly smell that lasts throughout the day, this deodorant is a great choice for you. It is aluminum-free, and it has been designed to absorb sweat and moisture quickly.

3All-Natural Deodorant for Men by Jungleman


This is one of the unscented deodorants for men, which is perfect for eliminating the bad body smell. Even though it will not give you an appealing smell, it can be a perfect choice if you want a deodorant that will eliminate the body odor.

There’s one thing you may not love about this deodorant and that is the clumping up of the application surface. Here, you might experience some roughness as you apply the deodorant. Regardless of that, this is one of the best options for a stinky guy that wants to smell fresh. Luckily, it is one of the cheapest deodorants for bad smell.

4Essentials Deodorant for Men by Arm & Hammer


The Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant contains natural deodorizers, and it is aluminum and paraben free. It has been made to absorb the wetness of the armpits as well as kill the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

The Essentials Deodorant is a great choice that would perfectly get rid of the body odor throughout the day. It contains baking soda as well as natural plant extracts to absorb sweat and fight even the strongest smell. On the contrary, this product has some harsh ingredients, which may cause skin irritation and rashes. For that, it may not be the perfect choice for you if you have sensitive skin.

5Clinical Strength Deodorant for Men by Gillette


If you are a heavy sweater, you should consider getting this deodorant. The deodorant contains Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex as an active ingredient. This ingredient has properties that soak up the sweat and also fight unpleasant smell throughout the day. Also, it is well-balanced with leaves extract, which gives you a fresh smell as well.

This deodorant will keep you dry, and leave you with a long-lasting fresh smell. It comes at a reasonable price that makes it easy to maintain when you start using it.

6Invisible Solid Deodorant for Women by Secret Outlast


The Invisible Solid by Secret Outlast is one of the cheapest bad odor deodorants for women. It offers an amazing odor protection that lasts for up to 48 hours. This means that you can be sure of a long-lasting freshness throughout the day. It contains ingredients that will keep you dry by absorbing the sweat.

So if you plan to engage in intense workouts, or you will be extremely busy/sweaty throughout the day, this deodorant will ensure that you smell fresh all along.

7Dry Protection Shower Clean Deodorant for Women by Degree

degree dry protection shower clean


The Dry Protection Shower Clean by Degree is one of the best to choose if you want a streak-free deodorant. This deodorant will eliminate the bad smell, and also keep you fresh all day long. The MotoinSense technology helps to maintain freshness whenever you move.

Anytime you move, the effectiveness of the deodorant to control sweating increases as well. It is a great choice if you want a deodorant to keep you fresh throughout your busy day.

8Dryspray Deodorant for Women by Dove

drove dry spray helps restore skin


Dove Dryspray deodorant for women has a pleasant smell, and you can be sure of enjoying its 48-hour long body odor protection. What makes this deodorant one of the best on the market is the fact that it contains some moisturizers for softening the underarms.

Even though it is a spray, it will dry instantly as soon as you wear it. It doesn’t contain alcohol, so you will not feel any skin irritation if you have shaved. Since this deodorant is a spray, you must ensure that you shake and spray as directed for perfect results.

9Invisible Solid Shower Fresh Deodorant for Women by Ban


This deodorant is perfect for women that want a strong fragrance that lasts for long and also gets rid of the bad smell of sweat. The deodorant will give you a fresh shower smell that can last for more than 14 hours. For that, you can depend on the deodorant to keep you fresh throughout the day.

This deodorant will lessen the wetness of the underarms, and it has natural ingredients that don’t cause any skin irritation when you apply it.

10The Healthy Deodorant for Women by Lavanila


The Lavanila Healthy Deodorant for Women is an all-natural deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum. It smells great and will keep your underarms dry and odorless. At first, you will notice some dampness of the deodorant, but this will dry up after a few minutes.

This deodorant contains the unique Beta-Glucan technology that eliminates the body odor while conditioning, nourishing, and even soothing the underarms.


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