Best AXE Deodorants in 2019 – Reviews

Although the AXE brand of products has seen enormous popularity in the U.S., it was actually created in France in 1983. It then quickly spread across parts of Europe and Latin America, finally landing in the United States in 2002. Initially, AXE sold only body sprays, but by 2004 they were selling antiperspirants and deodorants. Products which have become extremely popular.

As this brand continues to launch more and more deodorants, however, it becomes harder and harder for people to find the one that’s right for them. In order to help out with this dilemma, we’ve sought out, researched and rated ten of the best AXE deodorants worth checking out. Anyone of the following is more than capable of protecting against odor and/or perspiration.

Best AXE Deodorants – Reviews

10AXE Harmony For Men


Designed to be used with AXE Harmony body wash and body spray, this product is capable of enveloping the wearer in a cloak of masculinity that will inspire them with confidence. This sophisticated fragrance is a blend of ginger, citrus and black pepper notes that all work together to increase the wearer’s attractiveness level and protect them against body odor. This deodorant goes on smoothly and is designed to never irritate the skin, so men can work on their dating skills without having to worry about skin irritation or rashes. All things considered, it’s a good deodorant stick for men.

9AXE Marine Body Spray


Although AXE Marine has received quite the attention nowadays, it’s actually a fragrance that was launched in Europe in 1989. It’s considered an 80’s powerhouse scents, but it seems to have commanded a modern interest. Even though this deodorant is designed as a body spray and not an underarm deodorant, we felt that it deserved to be on this list because it does do a good job at dealing with body odor. Wearers can expect top notes of Calone, lemon, and lemon verbena, along with heart notes of rosemary, iris, and geranium. And when the scent settles into its groove, men can expect it to have a woodsy base to it.

8AXE Dark Temptation Antiperspirant Stick


This antiperspirant stick by AXE is a subtle deodorant that will leave men smelling fresh and odor free for up to 24-hours at a time. It has an Oriental fragrance to it that has top notes of cherry, ginger, and pear that mingle with sage and red pepper. As this deodorant goes throughout the day, it may even have notes of dark chocolate and vanilla. What really makes this a decent deodorant, however, is that it really handles underarm wetness extremely well, preventing it from developing in the first place. And all of this makes this deodorant extremely popular among men.

7AXE Excite Stick


What makes AXE Excite stick deodorant really exceptional is its simplicity. It’s designed as a deodorant that eliminates body odor at the source by covering it with a scent that has a very simple profile to it. The fragrance that can be found in this product only consists of four notes, as far as we can determine. At its very peak, after it has been first applied, it smells like coconut that’s ungirded by notes of hazelnuts and caramel. As the deodorant goes through its day, however, it begins to settle into its base scent, which is a very woodsy scent profile.

6AXE Black Chill Stick For Men


Men who need to smell fresh all day need a deodorant that not only fights armpit odors but also smells great on top. And few deodorants do this as well as Black Chill. This deodorant from AXE is designed to leave the modern man feel fresh and confident all day long. It does this using an interesting scent profile that’s bound to be intriguing to most people. It has top notes of lemon, lime, and mint, and has bottom notes of cedar. This combination not only means the wearer’s underarms are going to be nice and fresh but also means that men are going to smell like men.

5AXE Apollo Spray


This fascinating deodorant body-spray from AXE was first released in 2013, and it has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity ever since. And that’s probably due to its unique scent profile. This deodorant has top notes of clary sage, quince, and mandarin oranges. Its heart notes are a flowery blend of a variety of different flowers including iris, geranium, lavender, and violets. All of this is then supported by a complex woodsy scent profile that contains notes of moss, amber, cashmere, and sandalwood. But above all, it’s a great all-body deodorant that will help men retain their daily confidence.

4AXE Urban Antiperspirant Stick For Men


As the back of this antiperspirant stick states: “The city’s your playground. Don’t let it make you sweat.” That is quite an apt statement for this deodorant. Designed to be used by active men, this antiperspirant deodorant stick stops odor and wetness right at the source and leaves the wearer’s underarms with a nice, pleasant scent. It has a fresh scent that follows the urban man all day long, and it’s capable of delivering up to 48-hours of odor protection. Using this deodorant, any man can feel like the king of their domain and exercise complete control over their scent.

3AXE Anarchy For Her Spray


Why should men have all of the fun when women need to take care of body odor, too? And of course, they also want something that speaks to their personal style as well. Fortunately, AXE has heard these women’s cries and launched Anarchy For Her in 2012. To no one’s surprise, it was almost an instant hit. That’s because this deodorant spray has a complex web of notes that will completely envelop the wearer and enchant all those around her. This fascinating fragrance is full of notes that include amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. It’s then topped off with delicious baskets of fruit and sweet bouquets of flowers.

2AXE Kilo Antiperspirant Stick For Men


Men who buy this particular AXE deodorant do so because it not only provides up to 24-hours of underarm odor protection but because it also stops underarm perspiration before it even has a chance to begin This product has an antiperspirant in it that targets the source of armpit sweat, the sweat glands, and prevents them from producing sweat. It then layers an aromatic deodorant on the person’s underarms that will keep them feeling confident all day long. This masculine fragrance is a blend of caramel and hazelnut, coconut and vanilla. And since it’s in stick form, it glides on quite smoothly.

1AXE Phoenix Antiperspirant Deodorant


AXE Phoenix is an antiperspirant deodorant that’s been around for almost 20-years now, and it still remains one of the best products that men can use for fighting odor and wetness. This high-quality product stops sweat before it even has a chance to start and it covers the wearer’s armpits with a pleasant scent that’s fresh and masculine. This deodorant smells like a combination of geranium, lavender and citrus scents that are allowed to mingle with notes of violets and leather. And it’s all upheld by a pungent base of musk. It’s a product that eliminates body odor and allows a man to smell like a man.

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