Best Aluminum Free Deodorants For Women in 2020 – Reviews

Even though epidemiologic studies examining the link between aluminum and cancer have failed to find any kind of link between the two, there are still a lot of people who would like to avoid this ingredient whenever possible. This has led to the rise of deodorants that are made without using this metal in their formulas. This is especially true among women’s deodorants, so there’s no reason why any woman who wants to avoid deodorant with aluminum in it can’t do so.

With that being said, it’s not always easy to find a deodorant that isn’t just free of aluminum but also does an amazing job reducing underarm odor. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the research and have found ten of the best aluminum-free deodorants for women that are currently available and have listed them below for convenience.

Best Aluminum Free Deodorants For Women – Reviews

10Phlur Explore Naturals Performance Rose Garden


Using a more natural and high-quality formula than some of the inferior products currently available, this women’s deodorant is not only aluminum-free but is also free of other harmful ingredients. This product is made without using sulfates, parabens or phthalates, so it’s healthier to use. Manufactured in the United States, this product is made from some of the best ingredients available, so it’s not only a healthier product to use but is also quite effective in eliminating underarm odor. And it also has a fragrance that smells like a rose garden in the spring.

9Schmidt’s Natural Lavender Tips Deodorant


Since this deodorant from Schmidt’s is designed to be a formula for sensitive skin, it’s not only free of aluminum but is also free of other chemicals that are often considered to be irritating to the skin. For example, this deodorant doesn’t contain any parabens in it, phthalates or propylene glycol. It’s even free of artificial fragrances and instead uses natural fragrances to make its sweet lavender tip scent. This product is also readily absorbed by the user’s skin and never feels sticky or greasy after it’s been applied. It’s also cruelty-free and certified vegan, so consumers can feel good about using it as well.

8Soft & Dri Sparkling Citrus Deodorant


Free of aluminum, this high-quality product is ready to be used by any woman who’s concerned about the effect that deodorants may have on their health. However, just because this product doesn’t block up sweat glands like antiperspirants tend to do, it still eliminates underarm odor because it neutralizes the bacteria that cause odor. It also has a lovely citrus scent that helps to cover up unpleasant underarm odor with the smell of bergamot and white flowers. Another thing to like about this deodorant is that it glides on smoothly, is never greasy and never leaves white marks on clothing.

7Tom’s Of Maine Wild Lavender Deodorant


Not only is this deodorant from Tom’s Of Maine not made with any aluminum, but it’s also not made with preservatives, parabens or artificial fragrances. It’s a 100% natural deodorant that’s made according to the company’s strict standards of environmental sustainability. It’s made using natural fragrances, such as wild lavender, that allows it to not only effectively combat underarm odor but makes it a real pleasure to wear. And since this product is made of natural ingredients and never contains any animal ingredients or used in animal testing trials, it’s also a product women can feel good about using.

6Secret Antiperspirant & Deodorant Rosewater Scent


This antiperspirant is quite different than the majority of antiperspirant deodorants currently available. That’s because most antiperspirants work by using aluminum to clog up the user’s underarm sweat glands so that they don’t sweat. However, this product doesn’t work that way because it doesn’t contain aluminum in its formula. It’s capable of reducing perspiration and cover up body odor. It also has a light floral scent that won’t overpower perfumes but is capable of providing a pleasant scent all day long. And because this lightly scented antiperspirant is manufactured by Secret, consumers can rest assured that it’s a high-quality product.

5Beauty By Earth Women’s Vegan Deodorant


Any woman looking for a product that glides on smoothly doesn’t stain clothing and is also free of aluminum may want to take a good look at this deodorant from Beauty By Earth. This product isn’t just an aluminum-free product, however. It’s also one that’s made from natural ingredients and is completely vegan as well. It’s also a product that provides protection against odor for a full 24-hours at a time and never leaves a woman’s armpits to feel greasy or sticky. All things considered, it’s a high-quality product that women can feel good about using and one that has a sweet citrus scent that smells good all day long.

4DeodoMom Natural Unscented Deodorant


Although some aluminum-free deodorants for women don’t technically contain aluminum in their formulation, they sometimes contain by-products made from aluminum—which can be just as bad. Fortunately, there are truly aluminum-free products, and one of those is this one from DeodoMom. This product doesn’t contain aluminum in any form, including zirconium alum or potassium alum ingredients. It’s also free of baking soda, beeswax, dyes, paraben, propylene glycol, palm tree oil, talcum powder, triclosan or gluten. It’s even free of BPA and GMO ingredients as well. That makes it a natural and wholesome product that anyone can use to eliminate underarm odor.

3MagSol Organics Natural Rose Deodorant


One thing that not a lot of people know about is that magnesium works just as well as aluminum in reducing underarm odor and wetness, and it does it without causing the irritation that aluminum can sometimes cause. This product is made with magnesium and other natural ingredients that help to get rid of body odor, and it does it while simultaneously nourishing the skin. It’s made with wholesome ingredients that include almond oil, magnesium oxide, beeswax, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. What it doesn’t contain is aluminum, triclosan, phthalates, parabens or even baking soda. And above all else, it has a natural rose scent that smells really nice.

2Native Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla Scent


Native Deodorant doesn’t believe in putting a lot of different chemicals into their hygiene products. That’s because they’re trying to create a product that keeps a woman’s underarms feeling fresh all day, not making an experiment for chemistry class. This means that this product doesn’t contain all of the ingredients that people are trying to avoid using. It doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or even talc. It’s made with wholesome ingredients that allow it to combat underarm odor and protect the wearer against perspiration. And because it’s a more natural product, it’s less likely to cause skin irritation or discomfort.

1Underarmed Active Botanical Jasmine Rose Deodorant


When it comes to this high-quality luxury deodorant, it not containing aluminum is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What we mean by that statement is this product isn’t just free of aluminum but is also free of other potentially hazardous chemicals that are found in other types of deodorants. This product doesn’t contain Chlorohydrate, SLS, propylene glycol, triclosan, artificial fragrances, or phthalates. It’s also free of parabens, zirconium and is even free of BPA because it’s packaged in BPA-free packages. All in all, it’s a product that’s designed to be a more natural and effective solution against underarm odor.

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